A welcome addition to your event schedule.

Imagine for a moment that you are a guest at your next event… a hard-charging and productive morning session has left you feeling exhausted and spent, but satisfied that you achieved your objectives. Now, you deserve a relaxing break!

You enter Spa Concierge, worlds away from the tension and work of the business day.

Your skilled Spa Concierge therapist welcomes you into a fresh, clean atmosphere of relaxation and replenishment, where tension-easing sights, sounds and aromas combine with wonderfully therapeutic massage to melt away the tension and re-energize your body and mind for the work ahead.

You complete your spa experience with a facial treatment, manicure and pedicure, emerging from the spa session rejuvenated, feeling and looking great!

This is Spa Concierge…a welcome addition to your next event. Please come with us on a tour of our unique services, and find out how you can place Spa Concierge on your event schedule.