Each of your guests will be invited to choose any or all of our wide range of luxurious spa services, including:

Swedish Massage Therapy –Manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to relieve stress and discomfort, as well as to increase blood flow to tense areas in support of healing.

Shiatsu Massage – A traditional Japanese hands-on healing therapy based on the restoration of free flow to the body’s vital energies.

Pre Natal Massage – Pre Natal Massage is designed to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy and enhance relaxation for mom and baby! It is best enjoyed after the FIRST trimester.

Hot Stone Massage - The therapist uses a variety of stones placed along the large muscular areas of the back while massaging with the stones for a deep healing experience!

Aromatherapy – Utilizes aromatic herbal oils, including essential oils, in concert with your facial or massage to promote psychological and physical well-being. This is a lovely addition to any treatment!

Raindrop Therapy - Utilizes highly antibacterial oils designed specifically for massage to bring balance and clarity to the body and mind by removing inflammation-producing bacteria and viruses. 1-Hour treatment combined with scalp, face and feet.

Facial – The classic facial customized to the needs of your skin. Cleansing, steaming and facial massage are all orchestrated to nourish your face and help you feel refreshed.

Manicure/Pedicure – Our nail technicians will soak, buff and groom the nails in French, Sport or other manicure/pedicure styles to promote tissue health as well as attractiveness.